Product HIT
Imatek Hit

The high-speed option is available for any of the Imatek range of impact testers, to greatly enhance understanding of the behaviour of a specimen as it undergoes an impact. Imatek offer a fully integrated system under the control of the ImpAcqt software. This is used to both control the camera and analyse the resulting video sequence

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Key features:

  • Selection from the software of camera frame rate and camera capture area.
  • ‘Live’ video window for camera set-up.
  • Automatic selection of the camera capture, time based on the sweep time of data acquisition.
  • Automatic triggering of the camera at the same time as data acquisition.
  • Automatic control of lighting to switch lights on during the impact event (with user-defined warm-up time). Manual override possible for setting up the camera.
  • Automatic saving of captured video with in same file as test data.
  • Removal of video sequence from test data (delete or save to separate .AVI file).
  • Add existing video (.AVI file) to test data.
  • Correlation between video frames and acquired impact data.
  • On-screen display of video frame linked to graph cursor, or manual frame selection.
  • Multiple on-screen video displays possible, showing images from multiple data sets or multiple graph cursors.
  • On screen display of video sequence, selectable play-back speed.
  • Manual co-ordinate extraction from video frames, using cross-hair or graticule.
  • Procedure for calibrating distances (x, y) in video frames.
  • Extraction of measurements (vertical, horizontal, arbitrary angles) from video frames; automatic insertion into results table.