Product HIT
Imatek Hit

Imatek data acquisition systems are based around the C3008 controller and a PC running the ImpAcqt software. This is a general-purpose system for analysing the results of high-speed tests, such as impact testing and high-speed servo-hydraulic testing.

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Key features:

  • Analogue channels: 4 as standard, 16 optional. All channels sampled simultaneously at the maximum sample rate
  • Digital channel: Quadrature encoded input in addition to analogue channels
  • Resolution: 16-bit (1 in 65536), no missing codes
  • Sample rate: 3,000,000 samples per second (maximum)
  • Sample depth: Up to 50,000 samples per channel
  • Gain: Input range ?10V, ?5V, ?2.5V, ?1.25V software selectable
  • Input mode: Differential, bi-polar or uni-polar, selected per channel.
  • Bandwidth: 1.5MHz
  • Signal to noise: <2 bit system noise
  • Gain error: ?0.1% maximum
  • Trigger: By velocity-measurement laser, external TTL trigger in, analogue channels (trigger level configurable). Rising/falling edge. 0% to 100% pre-triggering. Trigger output.
  • Timing: Velocity measurement by time-of-flight, 20ns resolution
  • Digital input: 26 channel opto-isolated input
  • Digital output: 18 channel NPN output, short-circuit and over-current protected.
  • High speed camera: Camera trigger output and lighting controller output to interface to high-speed video systems. See separate data sheet for details.