18 Feb 2011

Imatek targets sales growth in the Middle East

Imatek is currently seeing strong interest in its range of Impact Test Systems from customers based in the Middle East and has recently appointed a new partner to take full advantage of the opportunities being presented.

Gulf Scientific Corporation (GSC) is one of the leading distributors of analytical and test instruments in the Middle East with a network of sales and support offices throughout the Arab Gulf Countries.replica watches

The company was founded in 1990 and is now run by a team of more than 82 professionals, and supported by a network of distinguished local agents, with support offices in Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Yemen, Oman, Bahrain, Jordan and Iraq.

The Middle East is currently investing heavily in the education sector and this has resulted in a number of new universities being opened. In turn, this is creating excellent growth opportunities for Imatek as a leading supplier of test equipment for applications in teaching and academic research Best Camping Tents.

Following the appointment of GSC, Imatek are pleased to announce their first sale into the region of an IM10 Impact Tester. The IM10R-15 machine has recently been installed at Qatar University.

Qatar University is situated on the northern edge of Doha, approximately 16 kilometres from the city centre. Since its inception in 1973, Qatar University has become the country’s national and major institution of higher education.

Qatar University has seven colleges, including the College of Engineering, and over 30,000 graduates.


The University is an active member in several prestigious regional and international associations, including the Union of Arab Universities, the league of Islamic Universities, and the International Association of Universities.

Qatar University offers over 60 specializations (the widest range in the country), and boasts substantial research and academic infrastructure, as well as the reputation as a leading centre for research in the country. As a result, the university has been successful in attracting a large number of distinguished scholars, researchers, and faculty members from other Arab countries and beyond.

cartier replicaThe IM10R‐15 impact test system will be used for conducting a range of tests on a omega replica watches wide range of specimen materials and types, including polymers and composites. The machine has a drop height of 1.5 metres and provides impact velocities from 1 m/s to 5.42 m/s and impact energies from 2.5J to 440J.

The IM10R-15 was fitted with a 40mm annular anvil, clamp and clamping system to the requirements of ISO6603‐2 for multi‐axial testing (puncture testing) of polymer or composite plaques and thin sheet metals.

Imatek’s highly effective stripper system enables the automated removal of tough/ductile specimens from the striker. The machine is also fitted with Imatek’s second impact prevention (SIPS) option which arrests the mass in the event of a rebound.

Also included are software controlled multiple impact and dynamic fatigue testing routines, suitable for cushioning performance and CAI test applications.